Dress and Music Guidelines

The Links at Brunello remains respectful of how the game is played, but we have adopted a more relaxed set of guidelines on the dress code and music to meet today’s golfer. We believe this adjustment is more conducive to today’s modern social environment. The game has evolved as other sports with both attire and culture; therefore our view is to keep the game accessible, memorable and fun.

Dress Guidelines: While traditional golf attire is encouraged it’s not required as we are denim friendly. What is worn on the professional tours for both men and women is deemed approved. What is not permitted is ripped or torn jeans, unhemmed cut-offs, athletic shorts, sweat pants, tank tops, undershirts, flip flops, athletic jerseys or halter-tops. Please note that management has the right to deem what is appropriate and not.

Music Guidelines: A growing number of amateurs and pros are bringing music to the range and out onto the course. We have adopted these trends and have our own version on how music will be permitted during play.

Open Air Music Guidelines: music will be permitted after the group has left their first tee until play on the final hole is concluded. Volume control is to be set to not exceed 15 yards from the cart and on mute if at a tee box with other golfers not in you grouping.  If the music is greater than noted, management will have the right to take action. For you safety, earbuds are not permitted on the course at all times.

Earbud Music Guidelines: music played through earbuds is permitted only at the practice facility and putting green area. No golfer is permitted to drive a golf cart with earbuds in due to safety concerns.

Please respect the golfers in and around your group, and such guidelines will continue. Enjoy!